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Take a look at sample content


Below are some sample files to give you an idea of the content on the site.
Read the 'Introduction' file along with these, as this gives extra information.

My aim with all this material is to provide a creative approach to teaching primary maths along with support for teachers in developing their deep subject knowledge.

Planning guidance is at the heart of it, with units of work for each year providing scope and progression to help children master concepts and skills. P
rogression charts for 19 different maths strands are also included to help teachers see exactly where a child is, where to take them next and what to re-visit when a child needs extra support. 

I regularly add practical activities to use in the classroom and articles to keep teachers up to date with primary mathematics.

The feedback from teachers using the resource has been fantastic - it is having a positive impact on teaching and learning in schools and teachers are enthusiastic about teaching maths in this creative way.

Do get in touch if you need any more information.

Best wishes,

Paul Broadbent


Read this alongside the other sample files
Introducing Broadbent Maths.docx
Y6 Medium
Y6 Medium plans

A sample from Y6 showing LOs and AfL
medium plan sample
Y3 Medium plans

A sample from Y3 showing LOs and AfL
activity Y3
Problems and activities

Y3 sample of resource bank of ideas for the different maths strands
Unit sample
Unit plans

Sample of Unit 1 from Y3 Unit Plans
Outline sample
Outline scope

A Y3 sample to show spiral content
Y6 Medium [Sample].docx
Y3 Medium term plan [sample].docx
Y3 Resources Bank number [Sample].docx
Y3 Planning Unit 1 [sample].docx
Y3 Outline Scope  [Sample].docx
FS2 Medium plans

Number and measures examples from FS2 medium term plans
NC Links

Y3 sample of correlation with the PoS
Maths Tracker

Number sample from Y2 and explanation page
Small steps

Number sample showing the small steps of progression
FS2 Small steps

Counting and number sample from FS2
FS2 Medium [sample].docx
Y3 NC links  [Sample].docx
Tracker Y2 sample.xlsx
Progression Number [Sample].docx
FS2 small steps [sample].docx


There is no annual subscription, just a one-off payment of £36 (inc VAT) for an individual membership.

You can also choose to have a school membership which gives access for all your teachers to all the materials for an unlimited period. 
If you want any further information, please use the contact page.
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