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Frequently asked questions

Accessing the Planning Menu

What is the difference between a 'Subscriber' and a 'User'?
Your school is the 'Subscriber' and each teacher with a login access is a 'User'. Each school has a designated person as the named administrator or main contact. Only this person is allowed to add and remove teachers/Users and make other changes to the school subscription account.

Can I access the Planning Menu from home?
Yes you can use your login name and password on any computer, anywhere.

However it should only be for maths planning in the school that has subscribed. If you work in two schools, the licence to use the planning materials does not extend to your teaching in a school that does not subscribe to Broadbent Maths Planning Menu.

I have forgotten my login name and/or password?
Your login name is your email address. Complete the 'forgotten your password?' option to be sent a link to reset your password.

If you cannot remember your email address, ask the main contact at your school and they can check the email you used.

Can I see a list of all our Users for our school?
Yes, log in using the main contact email and password (this can be reset - see above). Select 'My Users' from the dropdown menu in the 'Sign In' box. 

You can add new teachers and remove teachers that have left your school using the links from this page.

Can I remove a teacher/User that has left?
Yes, login using the main contact email and password (this can be reset - see above). Select 'My Users' from the dropdown menu in the 'Sign In' box. Use the link 'Remove teachers from your list'. You will the first and last name of each teacher to be removed. 

How do I register new teachers?
Login using the main contact email and password (this can be reset - see above) Select 'Rggister Users' from the dropdown menu in the 'Sign In' box. 

You will need each teacher's email address, you can use the school telephone number, rather than a personal number. 

Subscribing to the Planning Menu

Can I subscribe individually to the Planning Menu?

No, unfortunately only schools can subscribe. However, there are some free Latest News articles that have teaching resources and ideas on primary maths to support individual teachers.

How can a school subscribe to the Planning Menu?

Most schools pay by credit or debit card, go to the Subscribe page and complete the order forms.

We can accept School Purchase Orders, have the PO number ready before you complete the order forms. School Purchase Orders are accepted from UK schools only and must be confirmed in writing. After completing the order form an email will be sent with details of the next step.

You can also pay by cheque, complete the order form online and you will be sent an email to print to send with your cheque.

How do we renew our school subscription?

You will receive a reminder a month before your access period ends with the the renewal options. You can renew early by going to the Subscribe page from the main menu and selecting 'Renew your subscription here.'  There is a discount for renewing before your expiry date. No payment is needed at the time of renewal, an invoice will be sent to the school in due course. 

Maths training with Paul

What maths training does Paul offer?

Paul provides a variety of courses to meet the needs of your school. The training can concentrate on your school's specific maths focus and he can chat with you about the content. Paul specialises in planning and progression in maths and can look at a variety of methods to improve the quality of maths teaching and learning in your school. 

These are the most popular formats for his visit, but if you have an alternative please ask.

Full Day Maths Training  £750 +vat  (for up to 30 teachers, then £25+vat per extra teacher) 
Often a cluster of schools will join together on a closure day.

Half day in-school support, followed by a maths staff meeting  £550+vat  Paul will arrive at lunchtime, work with  your maths subject leader or a small group of teachers during the afternoon then lead a maths training session after school during a staff meeting.  

There are no extra charges. Course fees include all travel expenses including over night stays if needed. 
Interested? Contact Paul

Broadbent Maths Monthly e-Newsletter

I have access to the Planning Menu but I am not getting the e-newsletter?

Broadbent Maths Monthly is sent to the email you use to login to the Planning Menu. If you would like the e-newsletter sent to a different address enter it into the e-Newsletter sign up form on the Home page.

Can I get Broadbent Maths Monthly, even if I don't use the Planning Menu?

Yes, the newsletter and the resources in the Free Latest News Articles section of this website are available to everyone. Enter your email address in the e-Newsletter sign up form on the Home page.

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