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Football - using the beautiful game as a context for teaching maths

Tuesday, 26 June 2018
Every two years or so I give lots of football related maths ideas to teachers. This is basically to coincide with the Euros or the World Cup when I always get excited and ultimately feel deflated. But perhaps not this year!

To help you with some ideas, here are the 'Top 5' football maths articles that I've written in the past.

Click on each title to see the articles in full.


1. Football maths game

This is deservedly at the top spot - a football game for you to print out and use in your classroom.  Use it to practise multiplication tables, odd and evens and logical thinking skills. 


2. Maths activities and ideas for the World Cup

We've already had more success than in Brazil, but this article from 2014 still gives lots of ideas. The wealth of facts and figures create fantastic opportunities for problem solving starting points.

3. Statistics for KS1 - World Cup winners

Finding data in a real life context for EY or KS1 maths can be difficult as the numbers need to be small. The list of teams that have won the World Cup is perfect with numbers between 1 and 5. Remember to add an extra for Germany in 2014!

4. Putting addition in a football context

Practising a key skill in calculation can be so much more effective if it is put into a context that grabs the interest of a class. With the World Cup upon us, try this as a football maths activity.

5. Using football match statistics to teach money

BBC Sport carried out some research into the cost of going to a football match and came up with some amazing statistics that can be used to teach primary maths. Well worth using.

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