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Another Maths Kit resource -  the elastic band strip

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

These are so simple and yet so useful for estimation and approximation skills and reinforcing place value, multiplication facts or fractions.
It can have numbers 1 to 10, large numbers to a million or decimals. Most importantly, if each child has their own then one question to the whole class can be answered by everyone as a 'Show me' activity.

Elastic band strip                   

Make a 30cm by 5cm card strip with an elastic band on it at any point. The children move the elastic band to match your instruction.

Have one side plain and the other marked into tens. (No numbers just a line for each marker)

         For KS1                 
         Use the plain side and ask your class to place the elastic band to show half way.

         Use the marked side and ask children to show each number to 10.  
         Ask them to show 3 and now count on in twos.
         Ask them to show 6, what number is 2 more?

         For KS2                 
         Use the plain side.
         If strip is 0-1, move the elastic band to show 0.5, 0.9.....  
         If the centre of strip is zero show -1,  +4 ........
         Show 1/3, 1/4, 1/10.... of this whole strip

          Use the marked side.
          Start at the first marker and point to each marker counting in 7s, count back, show 49, 21, 63 .....
          If the strip is 1000 show 750, 100..... if the strip is 1million show 900 000, 150 000 .....

number strip
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