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What else should I ask?


How will it help us teach a mixed age class?

This planning approach works well in a mixed age class. The learning is based on 18 units each lasting 2 weeks. The same maths area is covered in the corresponding unit for different years. So take a look at the unit plans for each year you teach, then teach the maths focus within a theme/context of your choice and use the small step progression charts to help with differentiation. 


How will it engage our children?

Children will be more likely to be engaged in maths as the learning is centred on problem solving and in context through your chosen theme. The unit plans provide the structure to plan in this way.

The small step progression charts will help you to set the maths at the right level for each child – hard enough to be a challenge, but achievable to give each child success and an understanding of the next steps in their learning.


Will it suit all our teachers?

This was an important issue when working in schools. Each teacher has their own style of planning and teaching and this is a strength. I found that using medium term planning templates, with enough information included to give guidance (and reduce some of the work) but that also let each teacher plan individually to suit themselves and, even more importantly, the needs of their own class, was the most effective way to help teachers plan for maths.

Some teachers, especially non-specialists, lack confidence with maths and this approach was developed specifically to support teachers when needed whilst also allowing freedom to meet the needs of their children. The learning objectives and expected outcomes are listed for each unit and the small steps of progression are there to help with differentiation.

Most teachers I meet are keen to improve their own teaching skills and once they are helped to focus on medium term planning they thoroughly enjoy this way of teaching. Some may still choose to use some published lesson plans and these can be used alongside the medium-term plans. However, the aim is for teachers to plan their own creative lessons and so planning using the 2-week unit plans can really help.


How will it help raise standards in our school?

The medium-term planning charts provide coverage and continuity between years with regular revisiting of key maths areas. The small step progression charts will help your teachers identify gaps and the next challenge for each child and the unit plans will help teachers plan their own creative maths lessons based around a context. All these aspects will improve the teaching and learning in the classroom and will help raise standards in your school.

The Maths trackers will help to assess children's progress against the key steps in learning for each year. Rather than assessing against 'levels', progress is assessed against the expectations for each year group for particular maths strands to help determine if they have 'mastered' the skill, concept or procedure. The assessment against the expected outcomes help teachers to see the areas of strength or development. 

This planning menu is aimed at increasing confidence, especially of non-specialist teachers. Articles on maths subject knowledge and pedagogy will be regularly added to the maths subject leader page to help support teachers’ professional development. As expertise increases this will impact on raising the standards in your school.


What are the conditions of the Money Back Guarantee?

Money back guarantee Conditions

We’ve made it as simple as we can:

  1. Sign every teacher on as a USER within the first month– we want all your teachers to have the greatest opportunity to use the whole website.

  2. Use it for at least 8 weeks.

  3. Let us know within 3 months if you want your money back.

  4. If you have a refund, confirm all downloaded files have been permanently deleted and that no teachers are using any files or materials downloaded from the website on their own personal or school computers or storage systems and that they understand to do so without the school purchasing the Planning Package is breaking copyright.

...It's that straightforward!

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