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National STEM Centre - exploring the eLibrary

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I’ve just spent an enjoyable hour exploring a wonderful library, losing myself in archives of new and old (but familiar) maths resources. It is part of the National STEM Centre site, with an online eLibrary gradually providing access to digitised resource materials from curriculum development projects. 

There are posters, books, resource packs, research publications… all sorts of resources that can be searched for and downloaded. You need to register and log in to the site for any downloads, but this is free and well worth it.

I went back in time and had a look at Eigen booklets, Peak Plus, SMILE resources, Alpha and Beta (those were the days!) and Nuffield Maths, as well as interesting material from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching.

If you live near York it would be worth a visit to the National STEM Centre itself, but, if not, then this eLibrary is a worthy alternative

There are almost 1000 free resources for primary maths, all downloadable as PDfs.

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