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Maths training with Paul

Paul provides a variety of courses to meet the needs of your school. The training can concentrate on your school's specific maths focus and he can chat with you about the content you need. Paul specialises in planning and progression in maths and can look at a variety of methods to improve the quality of maths teaching and learning in your school. 

These are the most popular formats for his visit, but if you have an alternative please ask.

Full Day maths training  £750 +vat  

For up to 30 teachers, then £25+vat per extra teacher. Often a cluster of schools will join together on a closure day.

Half day in-school support, followed by a maths staff meeting  £550+vat  

Paul will arrive at lunchtime, work with your maths subject leader or a small group of teachers during the afternoon then lead a maths training session after school during a staff meeting.  

There are no extra charges. Course fees include all travel expenses including over night stays if needed. 

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